Video: Liberal Drives Straight Into a Street Pole After Spitting On Trump Supporters

Normally when you say what goes around comes around you don't expect the comes around the part to be so quick, but in this video it was instant when a liberal spit on a group of Trump supporters then tries to speed off he hops the curb and hits a street light.

In the video you see a car slow down by a group of Trump supporters on a side walk and the driver says something we can't quite hear what he says in the video but it couldn't have been nice cause right after he says it he spit on a Trump supporter holding a Tump flag. The man then tries to speed off but not before the guy holding the flag was able to spit back at him an eye for an eye I guess.

Then the man jumps the curb and plows into a street light. He hit the light so hard his car got stuck and he was revving up in reverse trying to drive away. And I thought the video couldn't get any better but I was wrong. As he was trying to get his car unstuck you can see two cop cars pull up behind him.

According to Wayne Dupree

The clip starts off with the liberal, in their car, trying to yank away a “Trump flag” from a minority Trump supporter.

The plan doesn’t work out, and then it goes even moe sideways when Karma steps in to make things right.

This is nothing new. We’ve watched for years how the unhinged and violent left attacks anyone who doesn’t think in lockstep with their communist cult.

They are the most hateful, violent, and racist people on the planet.

And there’s no doubt – that street pole is a Trump supporter!


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