Video: Iran Blows Up Fake U.S. Aircraft Carrier In Military Drills

Iran's Revolutionary Guard used a fake U.S. aircraft carrier in a military drill on Wednesday that they attack with speedboats, missiles, commandos, and helicopter-borne rockets to take it down.

They modified a barge to look like a U.S. aircraft carrier for the drill. In the drill named "Great Prophet 9," they fired missiles from the coast and from a helicopter at the ship and also had speed boat patrolling around the aircraft carrier, the drill also included shooting down a drone and planting underwater mines.

Cmdr. Kevin Stephens, the spokesman for the U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet in Bahrain, said the U.S. military was "not concerned about this exercise." and "We're quite confident of our naval forces' ability to defend themselves, It seems they've attempted to destroy the equivalent of a Hollywood movie set."

According to BreitBart

The unmanned wooden target remained stationary and defenseless in the strategic Strait of Hormuz during the entire drill.

In a military move designed to threaten the U.S. amid growing regional tensions between Tehran and Washington, Salami looked well pleased as Iranian special forces fast-roped onto the replica in the footage released from an exercise called “Great Prophet 14.”

Vision (see above) also showed a helicopter firing a missile at the replica, complete with 16 fake fighter jets on board, while fast boats encircled the vessel as crews cried out with blood-curdling threats against the U.S. Navy and its sailors.

Iranian troops on land meanwhile fired anti-aircraft batteries as a drone target in the exercise from a location state television described as being near the port city of Bandar Abbas.

As Breitbart News reported last month, the vessel resembles the Nimitz-class carriers the U.S. Navy sails into the Persian Gulf from the Strait of Hormuz, its narrow mouth through which 20 percent of the world’s oil passes.

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