Video: Gunfire Erupts in Kenosha After Rioters Attack Armed Citizen, One Injured and Two Dead

Armed citizens showed up in Kenosha to prevent the looting and the burning that has been going on all week after the police shooting with Jacob Blake.

A man with a rifle is seen being chased by rioters and he trips and falls down. A few people can be seen trying to jump on him and he starts to open fire.

You can also hear tons of gunfire in the background as it was not the only shooting that night.

Two of the people he shot have since died one was shot in the chest the other in the head, one is in the hospital with a gunshot to the arm.

Warning Graphic video

According to DailyMail

A 17-year-old has been arrested over the shootings in Kenosha, Wisconsin overnight that left two protesters dead and another injured in a possible vigilante attack during the third night of unrest in the city.

Kyle Rittenhouse was arrested on Wednesday afternoon in his hometown of Antioch, Illinois and charged with first degree intentional homicide.

The complaint says the teenager 'fled the state of Wisconsin with the intent to avoid prosecution for that offense'. Antioch is about 15 miles from Kenosha.

Two people were shot to death just before midnight on Tuesday - one in the head and one in the chest - in the attack carried out by the teen gunman. One of the slain men has since been identified as Anthony Huber. A third man was shot in the arm but his wounds were not believed to life-threatening.

The teenager's arrest came hours after video footage emerged showing Rittenhouse walking up to police with his hands in the air and his semi-automatic rifle slung across his body just moments after the shooting. He was apparently allowed to walk by despite members of the crowd yelling for him to be arrested because he had shot people, according to witness accounts and video footage.

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