Video: Florida Deputy Stabbed In The Neck While Chasing Suspect

Crazy body-cam footage shows a sheriff's deputy in Florida getting stabbed in the neck and chasing down the fleeing suspect. The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office released body camera footage of the incident, which happened Sunday.

After about an hour-long evaluation, authorities planned to admit the suspect, identified as 21-year-old Nicolas Furgason, to a mental facility under the Baker Act. Furgason ran into the woods trying to get away when Deputy Charles Williams caught up with him after a short chase and tried to calm him down.

In the video, as Deputy Charles Williams reaches out to the suspect to lead him away, Furgason turns around and stabs the officer in the neck before trying to run away again. Deputy Charles Williams gives chase and deploys his taser on Furgason to get him into custody.

According to DailyMail

A mentally ill man stabbed a Florida sheriff's deputy in the neck after being told he was being committed to a psychiatric health facility on Sunday.

The incident, captured on victim Deputy Charles Williams' bodycam, was released by the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office yesterday.

Footage shows Williams trying to calm Nicolas Furgason, 21, in a wooded area in Lithia, Florida, after he fled to the clearing.

'Why are you running dude, come on,' Williams says after catching up with Furgason. 'Are you scared?'

Furgason confirms that he is afraid.

After speaking to him a while longer, and reassuring the 21-year-old that he is not in any trouble, Williams grabs on to Furgason's arm, begins to turn him around, and tells him he'll be putting him in handcuffs.

After a couple of steps, Furgason twists round and stabs Williams in the neck.

In a statement, Sheriff Chad Chronister said: 'This is a prime example of the dangers deputies face while trying to serve and protect our community every day.'

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