Video: Fleeing Suspect Dragged Utah Cop Then Crashes Head-On Into Police Cruiser

A man dragged a Utah police officer with his car after he was stopped for a traffic vilation and was asked to step out of his vehicle.

The suspect was pulled over for not wearing a seat belt but officer then found out that the plates to the vehicle do not match the registration. The officer then asked him to step out of the car and he refuses. One officer then reaches into the car to unbuckle the suspect to pull him out thats when he he sped off dragging the officer with him.

About a block away from where the incident took place, Franklin’s car hit a curb and the police officer holding on to the car was thrown to the ground. Franklin’s vehicle then hit another police cruiser head-on.

The suspect, James Franklin, 23, died in the collision that took place in July, and police have released bodycam footage.

According to DailyMail

A Utah police department has released the bodycam video that shows the moment an officer was dragged by a fleeing suspect's car and thrown to the ground before the vehicle crashed into a patrol car and killed the driver following a traffic stop in July.

James Franklin, 23, was pulled over by an Ogden officer on July 21 for a seat belt violation.

During the stop, the officer noticed that the plates on the car did not match the vehicle's registration.

In the video, Franklin is heard trying to explain why the plates didn't match the registration before the officer asks him to step out of the vehicle.

Two other officers arrived to the scene a short time later. The footage shows that two officers tried to pull Franklin out of the driver’s seat.

Within a matter of moments, Franklin puts the car into gear and speeds off, dragging one of the officers with him.

The officer appeared to struggle with Franklin over the wheel as the car hit a speed of about 60mph, according to a police report obtained by KUTV.

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