Video: FedEx Driver Caught On Camera Refusing to Help 89-Year-Old-Man Who Had Fallen On His Porch Saying "I can't do that, poppa"

An elderly man Fell on his front porch and was unable to pick himself back up. After the man fell a FedEx delivery driver can be seen pulling up and dropping off boxes at the man's house.

The elderly man that fell was 89-years-old and ask the FedEx driver as he was walking off "A little help here please" the driver turn around and looks at the man on the ground and he asked again "Give me a hand I can't get up" he asked nicely as can be, then the drive responds with "Nah, I can't do that poppa" and closes the back door to the FedEx truck gets in and drives away.

It blows my mind that the driver can just turn his back on someone so helpless and just leave him there like that laying on the ground.

According to DailyMail

A FedEx driver has been caught on doorbell camera footage refusing to help an elderly man from Texas who had fallen over on his front doorstep and was unable to get back up.

All that could be seen of the 89-year-old man from Freeport near Galveston, were the tops of his hands and legs after he slipped and fell, ending up on his back while trying to get inside his own home.

Shortly after he had fallen, a FedEx truck could be seen pulling up to his home, and  the driver got out to deliver a package.

But instead of walking up to the front door, the delivery worker quickly dropped off the item several feet away from the fallen gentleman who called out for help.

But the driver quickly turned around to walk away.

'A little help here please...' the man asked politely. 'Give me a hand,' he said. 'I can't get up.'

The FedEx driver who was already running back to his truck clearly having seen the fallen victim responded immediately: 'I can't do that poppa. I'm sorry.'

The poor man accepted the man's response replying with resignation, 'Oh okay.'

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