Did Joe Biden Just Introduce Himself as Joe Biden's Husband?

Joe Biden appears to have suffered from another mental issue on Friday when it sounds like he introduces himself as "Joe Biden's husband" on PBS News Hour.

I know it sounds completely insane, but it is Joe Biden we are talking about, and it sounds to me like he said, "Hi, I'm Joe Biden's husband....Joe Biden.".

Even Donald Trump Jr. tweeted about the matter and said, "This is ridiculous already. How can they let this guy possibly be the leader of anything let alone the leader of the free world? These daily mistakes are not gaffes they are a serious issue for someone who could have the nuclear football, they show a lapse of basic reasoning.".

According to Heavy

In a message on PBS News Hour on July 3, Joe Biden sounds like he introduced himself as “Joe Biden’s husband.” But some are debating it and saying that he said “I’m Jill Biden’s husband.” Biden often jokingly refers to himself as “Jill Biden’s husband.” Read on to see the video below of that moment and then watch the full video that led up to that moment to decide for yourself what he said. After you watch the videos, let us know in the poll at the end of this article what you think he said. 

After the National Education Association (NEA) introduced Biden on PBS News Hour, he jokingly sounded like he said: “As Lily already indicated, I’m Joe Biden’s husband, Joe Biden.”

Some say that because he has a bit of a stutter, it’s possible he was saying “Jill Biden,” since the name sounds so similar to Joe.

But others say it definitely sounds like he says, “I’m Joe Biden’s husband, Joe Biden.”


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