Video: DC Police Release Body Cam Footage From Shooting Death of Deon Kay

On September 2nd, 2019 at 3:51 p.m., uniformed police officers respond to a man in a vehicle with a gun. When the officers arrived on the scene they found four people in the vehicle. Two of them fled, including Kay.
The bodycam footage released September 3rd, 2020 shows kay pull the weapon in front of officers and throughs it when he is shot in the chest. Kay through the weapon so hard it to police officers a minute to find it.
#justicefordion was trending before anyone knew what happened, Of course, BLM activists in their normal fashion of jumping the gun started demanding justice.
Warning Graphic video:
According to WUSA9

D.C. Police released body camera footage Thursday afternoon of an officer fatally shooting 18-year-old Deon Kay.

The body camera video from the perspective of officer Alexander Alvarez shows him approaching a vehicle officers were looking for.

Alvarez and other officers were working on a tip that a social media live-streamed video showed guns inside that vehicle, according to MPD Chief of Police Peter Newsham.

One man is seen running away, prompting Alvarez and other officers behind him to pursue.

Alvarez runs after the two men and is heard yelling "don't move" multiple times. Alvarez runs several feet before turning around, where Kay is seen in between him and the other officers in pursuit.

Kay is holding a gun in his right hand and appears to toss the weapon over Alvarez's head when Alvarez fires a single shot, striking Kay in the chest.

Alvarez is then seen on video searching for the gun that Kay had thrown. He searches in the grass for several minutes, ultimately declaring he found it. Bodycam video never shows the gun in the grass, but Chief Newsham says the weapon had traveled 98 feet from Kay.

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