VIDEO: Border Chief Proves The Wall In El Paso Is Working With Astonishing Numbers

To all those who said that the Border Wall was ridiculous and wouldn't be cost-effective let this show, you were wrong!

El Paso Border Chief, Mark Morgan, has announced that Illegal immigration has dropped about 80% which is absolutely astonishing! I know it isn't 100% effective but holy cow 80% is a huge chunk for celebration.

 “We’ve seen apprehensions and illegal entries and gotaways all being reduced by over 80% in that 20-mile stretch,” referring to a portion of the wall near El Paso, Texas.

Morgan raised the claim in his reply to Rep. Kay Granger’s question about the effectiveness of the wall. Watch their exchange in the video below at approximately 36:10:

Reported from American Military News:

Morgan said the new system allows border agents to spot where illegal entries happen faster and make arrests or force the illegal immigrants to retreat back to Mexico.

President Donald Trump’s signature campaign promise was building the wall on the southern border. So far, only 109 miles have been constructed and almost half of that — 55 miles — has been replacement fencing, The Washington Times reported.

Some critics question the effectiveness of the wall, which border officials have frequently had to dismiss as inaccurate.

“It’s not that it’s impenetrable. But it does deny and impede long enough for Border Patrol agents to actually get there to do the apprehension and interdiction. And it works,” Morgan continued, “This is an unprecedented achievement.”

The Trump administration is requesting $2 billion for additional wall funding for the 2021 fiscal year. Trump has also allocated $10 billion from the Pentagon into building the wall for the past two years.

Illegal crossings into the United States from the southern border have drastically reduced due to the increased security measures President Trump has taken, as well as deals he’s struck with Central American countries, where a significant portion of illegal immigrants originates.

I'm happy to see the money spent on this is working out! This will definitely show a lot of progress later on down the road.


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