Video: BLM Protesters Gang Up On Store Owner And Demand He Say That Black Lives Matter

A group of Black Lives Matter rioters were filmed in a tense confrontation with a Louisville store owner after they harassed him to say black lives matter or Breonna Taylor matters.

Video of the confrontation was shared on twitter showing a big crowd of BLM activists arguing with the business owner Fadi Faouri, who is just trying to protect his store for the rioters and looters.

The group is seen ganging up on Faouri for several minutes as they argue his views on the BLM movement and the police shooting of Breonna Taylor after he refuses to say he supports the cause.

It all started when a man asked Faouri, "do black lives matter?" and he replies: "If you're a good person, I will care about you if you're a bad person...." before shrugging. Then they ask him if Breonna Taylor matters Faouri replies: "Does it matter? I don't know."

According to WayneDupree

Over the months, protestors have ransacked cities and neighborhoods, destroying families and livelihoods along the way. For one store owner, he received firsthand experience dealing with BLM protestors as they tried to pressure him into saying “Black Lives Matter.” What the instigators didn’t expect was the store owner to not only stand his ground but to not falter in his belief that people matter.

On Friday night, Louisville protestors sought to spread their messages of disdain for the killing of Breonna Taylor. Setting their sights on a store owner, the protestors didn’t stop to think about the assault rifle the businessman was brandishing. Still, the owner engages with the protestors peacefully, just wanting to protect his livelihood. The protestors had other plans as a video surfaced showing them bullying the store owner into saying, Black Lives Matter.

Simple enough, but for the so-called courageous freedom fighters, it was the wrong answer. The few protestors turn into several as phones start to record. Still, the owner stays calm and answers their questions as they grow increasingly agitated. One member asks, “Does Breonna Taylor matter?” Faouri doesn’t budge on his stance and tells them that he doesn’t know.

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