Video: Antifa Member Goes “Pig Fishing” by Waving a Donut Tied to a Fishing Pole Infront of the Officers

A leftest anti- Trump self-proclaimed Antifa member Jason Charter went "pig fishing" at a protest in DC. He attached a donut to a fishing pole and went around and holding it in front of police officers, yelling "want a donut piggy."

It's sad Jason went around tormenting and teasing the very officers that there to make sure people like him are safe. I feel sorry for him actually thinking he was being funny, but I'm sure there are a few 12-year-olds out there who think this is amusing.

You got to admire the patience these officers have after dealing with people like Jason all day every day.

According to WayneDupree

Ya know, I report on awful stuff all day. It’s my job to find videos and stories that I think you will want to hear, or that I think you need to hear.

So, there’s a small part of me that is desensitized to a lot of this stuff – it’s probably an internal “survival mechanism.”

But, even so, every once in a while a video will really bother me…and I don’t know exactly why, but this is one of those videos that just really gets to me.

Maybe it’s because I just sat here doing several pieces on those poor police officers who were shot in the head, and then I see this BLM/Antifa jackass in this video cruelly taunting these officers who are doing the most thankless job on the planet, it just hurts and infuriates me beyond words.

But I believe we need to see this stuff because hate hides in darkness and it can’t live in the light.

So, I am shining a light on this hate, in hopes that it dies out…eventually.

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