Vegas Authorities Track Down Man Weeks After Hitting Jackpot on Malfunctioning Slot Machine

Have you ever been to Las Vegas or a casino? Many of us have and if you are one of them that I'm sure that when you went you have the dream of hitting the big jackpot whether that be on a slot machine or at a card table or something like that.

More often than not people lose at the casino. If this were not true then it casino would not even be able to keep the doors open. But every once in a while it is true that somebody it's a big jackpot. It is literally impossible to go to Las Vegas play a slot machine with a massive jackpot for a few hundred thousand dollars or play some sort of poker tournament and when tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars or even if it were the World Series of Poker you could win millions.

But like I said most people don't win anything or if they do it's a fistful of dollars but they had a good time and that's what they were there for.

This is exactly what Robert Taylor thought whenever he made a trip to the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas earlier this year. Being Nevada Gaming Control Board actually had the track down Taylor after he had returned back home to his State of Arizona and deliver him some news.

Now get ready for this because it's going to blow you away.

As it turns out Taylor actually did hit a jackpot while he was there though he didn't know it because of a software error on the machine he was playing. In fact he won $229,999!

I'm sure Mr. Taylor is grateful That they were able to actually track him down across state lines after winning that much money.

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