USPS Refuses to Investigate Report of Thousands of Suspicious Ballots Trucked Across State Lines

There has been a rising body of information that casts increasing doubt on the 2020 presidential election's legitimacy. The mainstream media continues to play down the recent surge of fraudulent operations and suspected abnormalities.

Just in critical battleground states, there has been enough cheating and corruption to swing the election in President Trump's favor. Joe Biden lied to the American people. He was defeated in the election. A new investigation from Pennsylvania raises the stakes for how terrible the cheating was.

Attorney Tom King delivered an interview in which he addressed how he is attempting to unearth the truth in crucial areas of Pennsylvania. The long-serving conservative attorney discussed how one particular whistleblower is being silenced.

Jesse Morgan is a contract driver with the United States Postal Service. Morgan revealed his shocking revelation shortly after the election. He was, however, ignored. Morgan claimed to have transported tens of thousands of ballots across state boundaries.

He said he hauled trailers full of ballots from New York, a liberal state that was virtually a shoo-in for Joe Biden, into Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania was a critical swing state that Joe Biden appeared to be losing. If he lost these questionable swing states, Biden would not have won.

So, he had to cheat. This story was reported way back in December 2020. However, the corrupt mainstream media ignored it as part of the “big lie”. Asserting that the 2020 presidential election was fraudulent is not the big lie. Trying to insist that Joe Biden didn’t cheat is a lie.

The election was stolen. Another odd part of this story is that neither the FBI nor the USPS has questioned any of the individuals involved. It’s as if the whole story is being ignored. Even former Attorney General Bill Barr told President Trump not to investigate Pennsylvania.

With so many questions about the authenticity of the Pennsylvania results, and how important they were to the final outcome, we have to ask, why not? Why are agencies such as the U.S. Postal Service refusing to turn over evidence to attorneys investigating these allegations?

It’s as if they do not want to find out the truth, or they don’t want what they know to be the truth to be exposed. The 2020 presidential election was the most crooked and corrupt election in modern American history. However, the coverup is even more corrupt.

The government will not look into allegations of voter machine fraud. Many of these corrupted machines magically disappeared. Hundreds of laws were broken. The last presidential election wasn’t a big lie; it was “the big steal.”

Whistleblowers and other types of blatant fraud prove this is true. But the mainstream media continues to either outright ignore these stories or attempt to downplay them as conspiracy theories when they have no choice.

The crooked mainstream media and big tech worked feverishly to help their candidate cheat and steal the election. As new evidence is exposed, they will become increasingly culpable. The stranglehold the mainstream media has on America is gradually dying.

There are cases such as these set to be heard by the United States Supreme Court. Nevertheless, there are still no guarantees we will ever get to the truth. People such as Attorney Tom King cannot stop trying. This can never happen again.

The radical left cheated to steal the 2020 presidential election. They have no vision for the nation, and therefore no viable way to win going forward. They cheated once, and they’ll cheat again. If we can just catch them in the act, Americans could once again trust their elections.

The cheaters must be held accountable. Honest and fair elections are the foundation of our democracy. Without them, we will become exactly what the liberal left wants, a single-party, authoritarian state. America must refuse to allow this to happen.

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