Unexpected Republican is Now Frontrunner in 2024 Election Primary - You'll Never Believe Who (It's Not DeSantis)

I'm not buying into the hype about who will be running for President in 2024. You know it can't be anyone but Trump and DeSantis, right?

I mean really- how could anyone else even come close to being as good or better than those two guys?!

Well, according to new polls there seems like a new frontrunner has emerged with strong support, but honestly, I'm just going to call BS on this poll.

In former polls, President Trump was the favorite by somewhere around 60-70% and then DeSantis was next with around 10% if I remember correctly. Everyone else in the poll was either 2% or less.

There were some like Mike Pence who scored just 1%.

Well, not according to this recent poll conducted by the Center for American Political Studies at Harvard University and the Harris Poll. They still put President Trump at 58%.

When President Trump was taken out of the equation, this ridiculous poll put Mike Pense at 32% and DeSantis at only 20%.

President Joe Biden’s odds are also dropping, according to US-Bookies.

“Joe Biden’s odds to resign during his first term have improved from 5/1 (16.7% implied probability) to 3/1 (25%) since last month, according to betting aggregators. His odds to complete his first term have also worsened from 1/7 (87.5%) to 1/5 (83.3%) in the same timeframe. Though the odds aren’t shifting in Biden’s favor, he’s still more likely to remain in office through his first term,” the site says.

“Though he’s still the favorite, Biden’s odds to win the 2024 U.S. Presidential Election have worsened from 10/3 (23.1% implied probability) to 4/1 (20%) since August 25. Harris’s odds followed a similar pattern, shifting from 7/2 (22.2%) to 5/1 (16.7%). Donald Trump’s odds have remained at 13/2, where he’s the favorite among Republican candidates. He’s followed by Ron DeSantis, who worsened slightly from 10/1 (9.1%) to 11/1,” said the betting site.

I'll tell you one thing; Mike Pence will not be the Republican candidate and you can take that to the bank. Trump supporters will not get behind him at all.

Daily Wire

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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