Unemployment Surges To Record Lows In Decades, Causing Panic

The Coronavirus has done more than just plague our country with deaths and sickness.

It has completely disrupted our daily lives and struck the country with record unemployment with a vengeance.

According to The Daily Mail:

US unemployment claims have surged to 3.28million - four times the previous record - as a result of the coronavirus pandemic which is crippling the world's economy and shattering Trump's record-breaking unemployment lows. 

Three million people filed claims between March 14 and March 21, according to a staggering report that was released by the Department of Labor on Thursday morning. 

In the week ending March 14, the number of initial claims was 282,000 - meaning 3,001,000 new ones have been filed since then.

The previous high was 695,000 in October 1982. The report says service industries - specifically food and accommodation - are the hardest hit but that claims are also coming from the healthcare industry and from people who work in manufacturing, entertainment and arts. 

Before the virus hit, unemployment in the US was at its lowest in 60 years and the economy was stronger than it had ever been. 

Congress has put together a $2.2 trillion stimulus package which will give Americans increased unemployment benefits and one-time checks of $1,200 if they earn less than $95,000 to try to ease some of the strain. 

The highest number of new unemployment claims was in Pennsylvania, where there were more than 360,000. California saw an increase of 130,000 and there was an increase of 180,000 in Ohio. 

But the data does not reflect the fact that since March 21 - when the data was compiled was - states like New York have closed all non-essential businesses, sending millions of people home from work. 

There is also anecdotal evidence that people who have tried to file claims online have not been able to, and there are millions of people in the country who despite being put out of work by the virus, are not eligible to file because of their immigration status or visa requirements.  

I have faith our country will pick right back up and become even stronger than it ever was before.

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