UNBELIEVABLE: White House OKs Biden's Plan to Kill Insulin and EpiPen Discounts

What more evidence do we need to prove that Joe Biden simply wants to destroy what the founders and those before us have built?

The Biden administration just did something that is pure evil that will lead to greater poverty and literal deaths.

When President Trump was in office, he enacted a discount program that allowed people who have diabetes and have a low income access to insulin for a low price. This is literally something that they need to survive. President Trump is a good man for doing such a thing.

Now fast forward to now and we have Joe Biden who is removing the health care policy which is going to send the price of insulin and epinephrine skyrocketing.

Biden’s bid to retract the rule was approved on Monday, as reported by Politico, with the expectation that the Department of Health and Human Services could publish the retraction within the coming days.

The measure, signed off on under the previous administration in December, aimed to require some 340B community health centers to deliver savings to low-income patients for insulin and epinephrine in a bid to bring down unaffordable prices.

Spokespeople for the White House and the Department of Health and Human Services did not return FOX Business’ request for comment.


Earlier this year, the National Association of Health Care Centers said the rule would "adversely impact Community Health Centers" and make it harder for low-income patients to afford the medications.

President Donald Trump focused on lowering the price of drugs during his tenure. Biden has made similar promises, including calling for allowing Medicare to negotiate lower prices for prescription drugs.

Honestly, though...what is the point in doing this if not to make it harder for Americans to get the things that they need in order to keep them alive?

I hope the liberals are reaping what they've sewn here and I wish they would learn their lesson this time around, but I highly doubt it.

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