Unbelievable: Man Arrested After Placing Sticker on Gas Pump

In the previous few months, Joe Biden's face has been plastered on gas pump stickers with the message, "I did that," pointing to the price.

It's just a lighthearted prank. For those who aren't Joe Biden or gas station owners, this isn't a big deal. Due in part to Joe Biden's incompetent choice to make us reliant on foreign energy, gas prices have risen dramatically in recently.

However, despite the fact that putting stickers on the pump is completely harmless, a guy was arrested after doing so.

The East Hempfield Township Authorities Department said in charging documents that Thomas Richard Glazewski of Lancaster, PA was approached by police after a disturbance in progress complaint on March 31 involving what the gas station attendant claimed to be an irate male at a gas station.

According to authorities, Glazewski faces accusations of resisting arrest. He was additionally charged with disorderly conduct, harassment, and criminal mischief as summary charges.

According to police, a gas station employee confronted the man and informed him that posting such stickers on pumps is unlawful. Glazewski allegedly began to yell in the employee's face as a result of the altercation which led to him calling the police.

“The officer attempted to verbally de-escalate the situation to no avail,” according to the charging documents. “The irate male then ran towards a store employee in an aggressive manner. The officer was able to intervene and subdue the male.”

I'm sure that what happened was nothing of the sort. Obviously, the clerk was a liberal otherwise he likely would have just let the man put the stickers on the pump, I know I would have.

But seeing that they were a liberal, the snowflake probably got offended instantly and just called the police because he didn't like what Glazewski was saying.

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