UNBELIEVABLE! Entire School Goes into Complete Lockdown Because Student Refused to Wear Mask...IN A RED STATE!

I can't believe that something like this is even happening to begin with, but when I learned that it was happening in a red state, that made it even more troubling.

A 16-year-old girl was not only suspended from school, but arrested as well, all because she refused to wear a mask.

On top of that, the whole incident forced the school administrators to put the entire school on lockdown. LOCKDOWN! Why in the world would they put the entire school on lockdown because of a 16-year-old girl who is trying to go to class without a mask?

You want to know what makes this really terrible? This was in Wyoming of all places. Wyoming is a state that is about as red as red can get when it comes to politics, even in the county where this all took play, Albany County.

Want to see just how bad it is? The administrators of the school seem to be proud of this!

The school superintendent of the Albany School District, Jubile Yennie even says "Thank you", after the girl's dad tell him that it's despicable that they're suspending her for making her own choice about her health.

The family has hired an attorney to help them in this fight and have been raising funds with a GiveSendGo fundraiser that has raised more than $24,000 at the time of this writing.

The fundraiser description reads:

Grace is a high school junior. She is a beautiful young lady who is kind, caring, and compassionate. She loves dance and theater and is a good student. Grace has chosen to exercise her rights and attend school without wearing a mask. The local school board has voted to enforce a universal mask policy that we believe is unlawful and in violation of the constitution of the state of Wyoming.

Grace has endured suspensions and was arrested for not wearing a mask. She has also been targeted by peers and school staff members for exercising her rights. Grace is raising funds to help with the legal cost of defending her civil liberties and the civil liberties of other students in Wyoming who are enduring the same unlawful treatment. By supporting this fight for their liberties, you are helping ensure the rights of every citizen of the state of Wyoming.

This is yet one more reason that we should be bringing our children home to learn. Remember back when people used to say that homeschooling would cause social problems? Look how the tables have turned.

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