Ultimate Hunter Biden Exposure! Bombshell Release of Over 120,000 Emails in Searchable Database

Do you happen to remember the Hunter Biden laptop story that was chastised as nothing but another bucket of “Russian disinformation?” Big Tech and the corrupt mainstream media buried the story because “they said” it was denounced by dozens of intelligence agents as bogus.

It was not. The “laptop from hell” is real. Information from the laptop has been in the hands of the FBI for years. While the process is ongoing, it’s agonizing for Americans who know it will prove how crooked and corrupt the Biden family machine really is.

But the wait for more proof may be over. A former President Trump White House staffer has uploaded over 120,000 emails that were uncovered on Hunter Biden’s notorious laptop. Emails from the abandoned laptop computer are available on a searchable database. You can find them at BidenLaptopEmails.com

Garrett Ziegler, a former aide to Peter Navarro, set up the email database. Navarro worked in President Trump’s Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy. The database of emails contains the shocking revelations of items like "10 for the big guy."

This is a reference to Hunter Biden’s business partner, James Gillar, suggesting that Joe Biden receive 10 percent of a multi-million-dollar deal with a company affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party. There are more incriminating emails on the list.

Another describes how Hunter Biden brags about getting the son of a Mexican billionaire into the White House to attend an inauguration. There is yet another email that describes a dinner engagement that Joe Biden says he never attended.

The email provides proof that, in fact, he was there, but the meeting was supposed to be kept secret. We wonder why? The database of emails is available through Ziegler’s organization, Marco Polo.

Ziegler’s website provides a lead-in statement. “Here are the 128,000 emails from the Biden Laptop, which is a modern Rosetta Stone of white and blue-collar crime under the patina of the Delaware Way.”

These emails, like the famous Rosetta Stone, provide a perfect translation of what was otherwise unknown. Ziegler insists that this trove of evidence exposes a web of corrupt elites who are trying to push for a globally governed society.

All the Democrat Party’s socialist-loving, liberal cronies in Big Tech and the mainstream media knew how damaging this laptop was. They worked feverishly to hide it from the American people. This information would have drastically changed the 2020 election.

But thanks to the persistence of patriotic Americans, they haven’t been able to keep the story buried. Americans can now draw their own conclusions by reading the actual emails. Eventually, this laptop is going to bring down the corrupt Biden family machine. It’s about time.

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