UK Govermental Employee Resigns After Being Caught Breaking Stay At Home Orders For This Cringy Reason

A scientist who led Boris Johnson to impose the coronavirus lockdown decided he was immune to the COVID-19 and encouraged his girlfriend, who is also married, to visit him several times during the pandemic.

Because he was caught that he breached the law he decided to resign from government role in the U.K.

Just because you are a government employee doesn't mean you can go against the rules. especially that of a pandemic.

According to The Daily Mail:

Professor Neil Ferguson, 51, allowed his mistress Antonia Staathis, 38, to travel across London to visit him at least twice at his home despite the lockdown, which he has continually stressed is vital in stopping the spread of the killer virus. 

Ms Staats lives with her husband, who is in his 30s, and their two children in a £1.9 million house in south London. She travelled across the capital to visit the scientist on at least two occasions after the lockdown was announced on March 23. 

Admitting he had 'made an error of judgement', Prof Ferguson claimed last night that he thought he was 'immune' to the illness, with Ms Staats only visiting him after he had recovered from Covid-19. 

Prof Ferguson, an Imperial College epidemiologist and a member of the SAGE committee that advises the government on tackling the pandemic, leads a team which produced the research that led to lockdown, with their findings suggesting 500,000 Britons could die without strict restrictions being put in place. 

However, despite his repeated demands that the public follow measures, he met with his lover on at least two occasions after March 23, according to the Telegraph, despite the government telling couples who live separately to stay apart during lockdown.

His role as a government employee doesn't mean he can throw the rules out the window. He is technically a role model and should act like one.

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