UFC Superstar Joe Biden Has "Never Won A F*cking Game"

UFC Latino superstar Jorge Masvidal called out Democrats for their "false promises" and rallied Latino voters to support President Donald Trump's re-election.

Masvidal made a speech during a stop on the "Fighter Against Socialism" tour, and it is going viral.

Masvidal said in his speech, "democrats think they're just entitled to the Latino vote and think that we just got to hand it over to them," followed by boo's in the crowd. Then he says, "Well, we sure as hell don't."

He also said, "you know what else is not going to work for them playing Despacito off their phone to pander to us," referring to the time Joe Biden played the song Despacito off his phone at an event in Florida.

According to DailyCaller

UFC superstar Jorge Masvidal isn’t a fan of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

In a video making the rounds online, Masvidal tells a crowd of people that President Donald Trump wins Super Bowls in politics, and that Biden has β€œbeen in the business at every level for 47 years and never won a f**king game.”

According to Fox News, the comments were made the prior weekend during a campaign tour in Florida. You can watch the video, which has more than two million views, below.

Remember when I said Jorge Masvidal on the campaign trail in Florida would be content gold? Remember when I said that a few days back?

Well, I’d like to go ahead and take a victory lap because I turned out to be 100% correct.

The moment I heard that Masvidal was going on a β€œFighters Against Socialism” tour, I knew his fans were in for a fun time.

As predicted, he didn’t disappoint one bit. He compared politics to the Super Bowl (seems to be a page out of my book), talked about pandering and then dropped a hard f-bomb.


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