VIRAL: U.S. Keeps Federal Workers Safe After Allegations Of Coronavirus Outrage

The coronavirus is something for people to be concerned about. Even here in the united states, two deaths have been reported already and the toll will rise with how contagious the virus seems to be.

The seasonal flu, however, has killed more people worldwide than most any other disease in recent history.

According to Reuters:

U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar told CBS’s “Face the Nation” he was personally involved in the probe, and the government was determined to make sure its workers were kept safe.

“Even if these allegations proved to be true, there was no spreading of the disease from this,” he said, adding that the department had offered to test any HHS employees involved if they wanted what he called “that extra piece of mind.”

Speaking on “Fox News Sunday,” Azar said the government would not allow any retaliation against the HHS worker who first raised concerns about the issue or other employees.

In a separate letter to Azar, the lawmakers said the whistleblower alleged that “staff were sent into quarantined areas ‘without personal protective equipment, training, or experience in managing public health emergencies, safety protocols, and the potential danger to both themselves and members of the public they come into contact with.’” 

“Nobody would ever be reassigned or discriminated against or prejudiced or retaliated against because of raising concerns about the functioning of the department,” Azar said. “If our employees raise concerns about our processes, if something proves not to be right, we are grateful.”

The influenza virus has had many different stains throughout history. Some have been more deadly than others.the pandemic of 1918 killed and estimated 20-50 million people. The coronavirus does not have anywhere near the mortality rate even the current seasonal flu strain has. With that being said the coronavirus mainly has seemed to affect the elderly population especially people with predisposing conditions.

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