Two Men Shoot Jogging Man Thought To Be Burglary Suspect, What Happens Is Jaw Dropping

A tragic situation is at hand now. A man was misjudged as a burglary suspect and shot dead as he was jogging in Brunswick, Georgia by two men, father, and son. They made a 911 call but it only lasted about five minutes before the man was shot with a shotgun.

The father and ex-cop, Gregory McMichael, and his son Travis was trying to make a citizen's arrest when they thought Ahmaud Arbery was the one who broke into a home.

Sadly Arbery was killed. He wasn't the one who broke into the home and he was black so now it has turned into a racial thing. No matter what conspired in their minds it was horrific and not at all acceptable.

'Hello. Err, I'm out here in Satilla Shores. There's a black male running down the street,' says the caller, believed to be former Georgia cop, Gregory McMichael, 64. 

'I don't know what street we're on,' he adds, distracted and out of breath, when the operator asks him for the exact address within the Satilla Shores neighborhood in Brunswick, Georgia. 

McMichael breaks off the call suddenly with an inaudible shout, adding: 'Godd**n it, c'mon, Travis.'

According to The Daily Mail:

For the remainder of the 4:46-minute long call, the operator repeatedly asks in vain for information, saying 'hello, where you at?' without getting any reply.

The call happened moments before McMichael, 64, and his son Travis, 34, had their fatal encounter with Arbery, 25, that left the young black man dead in the street from a trio of shotgun blasts.

The killing happened February 23 but made national headlines this week when a leaked cell phone video revealed the two men 'ambushing' Arbery as he tried to run past their pickup truck.

The father and son insist that they thought Arbery was a burglar after a spate of thefts in their area, and that he attacked them when they tried to make a citizen's arrest.

The shocking video shows the younger McMichael getting out the vehicle with a rifle before getting into struggle with Arbery while his father looked on, with his own gun primed, from the cargo bed of their truck.

More from the 911 call here.

RIP Arbery

The McMichael's have been free since the incident in late February and awaiting trial. However, with the pandemic going on it may take months for them to be tried.

I find it absolutely sickening these men could mistake a man and kill him because they think they were right. No matter the color of the skin of all involved.

These men need to be in jail.


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