Two Cases of Monkeypox STD Reported in Children

One of the roles of our government, and especially the mainstream media with is basically just a sidekick to the government, is to push propaganda and make sure that Americans live in fear.

There is always something out there that is trying to kill us. It might be the virus that has plagued us since 2020, or murder hornets, or Ebola, or H1N1, or brain-eating bacteria. But right now, it's monkeypox.

Many people are afraid of contracting monkeypox and have no idea what to do about it. Instead, they just live in fear. I bet people are wearing masks again because of monkeypox.

The solution is rather straightforward though, don't have g*y s*x. This is an STD, and it is mostly affecting the LGBTQ community.

Now, they're trying to scare people by letting everyone know that two children have contracted the disease in California. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene asked a good question about this:

According to Insider,

Jennifer McQuiston, the CDC’s deputy director of the division of high consequence pathogens, told reporters on a phone call Friday afternoon that one of the kids diagnosed is “an infant” who lives in another country, but who was traveling through Washington, DC with their family when they tested positive for monkeypox.

“The investigations are still in the early phase and ongoing,” she said of both pediatric cases. “So, we don’t have a lot of details on them.”

But McQuiston did suggest that both of the children were close contacts of men who have s*x with men.

Could this have been incidental? Maybe. Could it have been from something much more disgusting? It's possible.

If you just use common sense, most of us will avoid this disease altogether because most of us do not fall into that category. If we do the right thing and avoid putting ourselves in compromising situations like those in which the gаy men like to put themselves in, you have nothing to worry about.

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