Twitter Snowflake Hates Her Job One Day, and then Cries When She Gets Canned the Next

Liberals enjoy accusing everyone else of acting in the same way that they do. They label any Americans who advocate for safe and secure elections as "election deniers." They scream and gripe that everyone who supports secure borders is a racist.

Liberals will wail and bemoan the fact that Americans who are worried about increasing inflation don't understand what it even means. In a nutshell, liberals simply enjoy crying. It might be funny if it weren't such a painfully poor display.

Most of the major tech industry is staffed by these die hard lefties. They represent the rampant socialist progressivism that infects Silicon Valley. They must realize that the only reason they continue to believe in this progressive crap is because it helps them keep their jobs.

However, that’s no longer working for one big tech giant. There’s a “new sheriff in town at Twitter.” Elon Musk, the richest man on the planet, was tired of big tech censorship. Musk realized that the “town square venue” of social media was critical to democracy.

Censoring people for their otherwise harmless opinions was dangerous. The successful entrepreneur decided he needed to do something to save free speech in America. So, he bought the company. His first order of business was to carve away some “excess fat.”

Twitter, like many of these bloated big tech companies, had far too many meaningless employees. Even Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg will drastically reduce the size of his workforce to meet an ever-increasing plummet in profits.

In a sense, it’s funny to watch some of these elitist social media giants squirm. They’ve had it so good for so long, mostly at the expense of everyday people. But now, there are a bunch of “Twitter twits” looking for another line of work.

But what do they do? Of course, they cry and complain that the evil new owner of Twitter has harmed them. It’s rather amusing. You won’t hear a peep from this radical Marxist when a manufacturing plant lays off hundreds of men and women when their jobs are shipped to China.

These Silicon Valley suck-ups have been coddled for so long; they probably won’t be able to do much except flip burgers at their local fast food slop-shop. Just like the liberal politicians they support, they’re hypocrites. One obvious example was recently exposed.

When Musk cut over 3,000 excess jobs, those who were let go became frantic. One “ex-Twitter” slacker was so distraught that she posted a picture of herself sobbing in utter agony. Lindsey Kander tweeted, “It’s insane because I knew it was coming, but I’m absolutely ripped in half.”

But there’s an even funnier side to this little story. Less than a week ago, Ms. Kander tweeted, “I hate it here.” That’s a rather bizarre about-face over her supposed love for her job. Since she didn’t enjoy working at Twitter, maybe the “Chief Twit” decided to rid her of her anguish.

But that’s how the liberal left operates. They moan and complain on the one hand, and then when things don’t go their way, they cry foul. There are two words that describe this new “liberal self-entitled” personality: “spoiled brat!”

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