Twitter Sends Users Into Frenzy With Recent Choice

Users of the Twitter platform have expressed extreme concerns about a planned "transgender day of vengeance" in the wake of Monday's school shooting by a woman that chose to identify as a man and were shocked when they found themself punished by the platform.

The day after a total of six people, three children and three adults, were murdered at the Covenant School, Twitter slammed suspensions on a group of at least six accounts with large followings due to their tweeting about a troubling rise of threatening rhetoric from some who claim to be in support of "trans rights." Twitter made the claim that the tweets stood in violation of rules against "violent speech," which includes "shar[ing] abusive content, harass[ing] someone, or encourag[ing] other people to do so."

Twitter elected to slam down a suspension against Michael Knowles, a host for the Daily Wire, that chose to quote the Bible verse next to a "trans day of vengeance" poster that pleads with the public to leave the "vengeance" for God. One reporter, Like Rosiak, who tweeted out a link to another article he wrote three weeks ago about the planned "trans day of vengeance," also ended up suspended. Twitter then suspended Daily Wire News after it posted the article from ROsiak on the "trans day of vengeance."

Both Federalist CEO Sean Davis, and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) were slammed with suspension from the platform as well for what seemed to be similar mentions of the "day of vengeance." The account from Taylor Green ended up going back active on Wednesday, but as of this past Thursday evening, the account owned by Davis seemed to still be suspended.

On Thursday, both Knowles’ and Rosiak’s accounts ended up being restored, but it remains entirely unclear just why the group of conservative users ended up in trouble with Twitter for highlighting concerns about the "trans day of vengeance." Knowles had to take down the tweet to have his account restored, but almost as soon as he was reinstated to the platform he chose to post the very same verse, but this time leaving out the photo of the poster. Rosiak appeals the suspension from Twitter targeting him, but after a period of three days of not hearing back from the platform, he took to the post down entirely.

Additionally, last week Twitter’s Safety department spoke up to clarify its recent policies regarding what it allows on the platform. In the thread, Twitter Safety wrote, "If the media is being shared mainly for awareness we will not apply a strike or even a timeout for posting it. If you continue to repost the violating content, that will incur a strike and will result in escalating time outs."


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