Tucker Carlson Shows You BLM Supporters Laughing At Two Officers That Were Shot In The Face In Compton

A new video has been released that shows the two officers that were shot in the face in Compton the video shows the woman officer helping the male officer put a tourniquet on to help slow down the bleeding.

Tucker Carlson talks about the heart-stopping moment and shows you more footage that will make you furious. In the video, Carlson shows and talks about the BLM that was there when the shooting took place and how all they did after the shooting was stand there, videotape them and laugh about it. It also shows how BLM went to the hospital the officers were undergoing surgery at and stood outside, blocking anyone trying to get in, including ambulances, and started well "we hope you die" the officers inside.

According to RedState

It’s hard to watch, but Tucker Carlson’s opening monologue from Monday needs to be watched the world over.

The Fox News dedicated the beginning of his show to showing you something that happened to two LA County Sheriff’s deputies in Compton, California. Surveillance footage shows a man walking up to a police unit that two deputies were sitting in and opening fire. Both deputies were hit in the head, one through the jaw, and the other was fortunate to have deflected the bullet off his skull.

Miraculously, they both survived and are in stable condition.

A manhunt is underway for the shooter with a host of law enforcement converging on this one case. It’s unlikely that the shooter will escape justice, and when he does, it will be a good ending to a horrible story.

The problem is that while that part of the story will end well with the officers surviving and the criminal responsible facing a lifetime in prison, the rest of the story sits between tragic and enraging.

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