Tucker Carlson Exposes the REAL Insurrection That Happened

If Americans were only exposed to the narrative spewed by the corrupt, leftist mainstream media, they’d believe a lot of stuff that’s simply not true. The progressive left has these parrots in their back pocket. Whatever the left wants told or promoted, the puppets in the mainstream media walk in step with their version of events.

They say and do as they’re told. This isn’t anything even close to a “free and unbiased press” that is essential to a thriving democracy. It’s the opposite. What Americans are exposed to today is nothing less than totalitarian control over the media. A group of elected elites prepares a list of stories and supposed facts about those stories that they want the public to see and hear.

The problem is that virtually every single one of these stories is a fabricated lie. Politicians lie about things that affect Americans’ lives, and the mainstream media backs up those lies by reporting as if they’re true. It’s worse than the propaganda machines that govern the minds of citizens in communist nations like China and Russia.

However, what the left is doing in America is even worse. At least the Chinese and Russians know that they’re governed by an authoritarian dictatorship. Radical leftists and their puppets in the mainstream media try to convince citizens in the U.S. that we still live in a democratic society. We do not. The left is pushing for a single-party authoritarian form of government.

With the help of their crooked pals in the fake news media, their plan is slowly working. But for patriotic news agencies and their reporters, such as FOX News, America would assume that everything they’re being told is accurate. It’s not – far from it. Probably the most glaring example, and possibly the one that might bring the house down on top of them, is January 6.

Since an otherwise peaceful demonstration against a stolen presidential election turned chaotic, the left has referred to that day as something akin to a “day which will live in infamy.” If Americans only saw the pasteurized surveillance video and heard the selective narrative offered by the liberal left, they might agree that January 6 was a day inherently as evil as Pearl Harbor.

But it wasn’t. Sure, things got out of control, and dozens of people broke the law. They are and should face the consequences of their stupid actions. But to call January 6 an “insurrection” is simply a lie. It was nothing even close. The chaos did border on riotous behavior, and people were justifiably arrested. But January 6 was not a coup to overthrow the government.

It was a bad day, and terrible things happened. People need to be held accountable. But there is a growing sense that the left orchestrated the chaos, which evolved out of an otherwise peaceful demonstration. In other words, January 6, at least the riot part, was staged! When new House Speaker Kevin McCarthy released hours of secret video, the truth was exposed.

FOX News’ Tucker Carlson and his investigative team got right to work. They scoured thousands of hours of surveillance video. What they discovered was a massive cover-up of the truth. Carlson has gradually shown portions of these videos to viewers. Anyone who sees what happened and compares the video evidence to what has been said should be outraged!

The left has been lying all along. Carlson as well called out the fake news for blowing various “so-called tragedies” out of proportion. First, the left claims five Capitol Hill police officers died that day. The truth is that none died. No one was bashed in the head by a fire extinguisher.

These are fabricated tales to paint protesters, and mostly the president they supported, in a horrible light. And while there were injuries when certain protesters became unruly, the left’s claims that it was one of the worst days in our nation’s history are false. It’s not even one of the most violent events in recent memory.

With shrewd precision, Carlson dissected the left’s claims. He denounced the false accusations surrounding the officers who were killed. They simply were not. But then he pointed to the statistics for how many police officers were injured. The left claims that over 100 officers were injured during the Capitol Hill protests. That may be accurate.

But the left and their puppets have avoided on glaring fact. There were 180 police officers assaulted and injured during the BLM riots in Washington, D.C., in the summer of 2020. These riots caused over $1 billion in damage. The Black Lives Matter mob destroyed more than 1,500 businesses or buildings.

Estimates say the Capitol Hill protesters caused around $1.5 million in damage. Now, make no mistake about it: people should be held accountable for their bad behavior. But to say that January 6 was some kind of “threat to our democracy” is a flat-out lie! This single comparison doesn’t even consider the hundreds of police officers injured during the first six months of 2020.

During the segment, Carlson explained, “While stipulating that all riots are bad because precision matters, facts matter. The truth matters. Here’s the truth: More cops were injured by Kamala Harris’s favorite mob, BLM, at the White House than were injured by Trump voters at the Capitol on January 6. A lot more!”

But the highest-rated Primetime news anchor went on to explain why January 6 is part of a much bigger plan. Carlson said, “So, again, to be clear, both events are bad. But here’s the key: we only remember one of them. Why? The people in charge of history are liars, liars. And lying is bad. And on a national scale, it’s deadly.”

“It’s corrosive of everything that is good in the country, including trust and your grasp on reality itself. And that’s where they try to make you lie. Men can become women. Climate change is an existential threat, or whatever the lie is they’re making you tell, they don’t believe it. They know you don’t believe it. But by forcing you to repeat it, they degrade and control you. They make you less of a person.”

The lies and scams perpetrated by the radical left are destroying our nation. But their biggest lie may well be what actually happened on January 6. However, it could prove to be their undoing. Video doesn’t lie. The footage from the Capitol's surveillance cameras on January 6 tells a very different story than what the left claims happened.

But will Americans continue to support these creeps despite proof that they’re deceptive liars? Tuesday, November 5, 2024, will say an awful lot about our nation. It could be a renaissance of democracy or the end. We’ll make the choice. We better make the right one before it’s too late!

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