Tucker Carlson Claims CIA Took Nixon Down Because He Knew Their Secret...

Tucker Carlson leveled harsh accusations against the “permanent Deep State,” charging that the CIA had played a role in the downfall of former President Richard Nixon due to Watergate. He pointed to Bob Woodward, an ex-intelligence operative with connections to classified branches of the federal government, as a key figure in this narrative. According to Carlson, Woodward's journalistic work investigating the scandal stemmed from his extensive knowledge and access to confidential information. The television host argued that without such access to secret documents, it would have been much more difficult for Woodward and other reporters to uncover Nixon's wrongdoings.

Carlson went on to suggest that by taking part in Nixon's eventual resignation, Woodward may have acted as a proxy for the CIA who were otherwise unable to take action directly. This would mean that members of the intelligence community had a hand in forcing out a sitting President – and Carlson believes this serves as evidence of a “Deep State” conspiracy at play. While some see these claims as questionable, they are nonetheless generating heated conversations nationwide about the power of government agencies behind closed doors.

Without giving you the whole thing, here's a summary of what Tucker said:

Bob Woodward had an impressive background before joining the news business. Prior to Watergate, he was a naval officer at the Pentagon with top secret clearance and experience working with intelligence agencies. On occasion, Woodward was even detailed to the Nixon White House, where he interacted with some of the President's most senior aides. After leaving the Navy, it remains unclear why Woodward was hired by one of Washington's most prominent news outlets and assigned to cover what would become one of the biggest stories in American history.

Woodward's main source for his Watergate series was Mark Felt, the deputy director of the FBI who ran the bureau's COINTELPRO program. COINTELPRO was designed to secretly discredit political actors that federal agencies wanted to take down, such as Richard Nixon himself as well as his Vice President Spiro Agnew. The investigations into both figures proved successful; Agnew resigned in fall 1973 after being indicted for tax evasion and replaced by Gerald Ford, a Congressman from Grand Rapids who had previously served on the Warren Commission which exonerated the CIA of any involvement in President Kennedy's assassination. Nixon had no choice but accept Ford since Democrats in Congress had all but forced him into it. In just eight months time, Gerald Ford had been appointed president of the United States - without anyone ever voting for him.

It's clear from these facts that unelected officials at federal agencies continue to make crucial decisions in American politics and use their immense power to crush anyone who tries to rein them in or challenge them. One such example is Michael Flynn, a career Army intelligence officer who ran the Defense Intelligence Agency before being targeted by federal authorities only four days after Donald Trump's inauguration. Flynn was coerced into resigning after being tricked into meeting with FBI agents without his lawyer present, where they fabricated crimes against him. Joe Biden gleefully celebrated when Flynn fell victim to this injustice, demonstrating yet again how corrupt today's system has become and how difficult it is for real change to occur through democratic means when those that wield power hold so much sway over elected officials and can easily manipulate them behind closed doors.

The story of Mike Flynn serves as a reminder that we must not remain silent while permanent Washington continues its reign over our government; if we want true freedom and democracy we must fight back against those attempting to take it away from us. We all deserve better than this broken system that allows powerful bureaucrats to go unchecked and unchecked, which ultimately results in our rights as citizens becoming nothing more than a joke.

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