Trump Stays Upbeat And Positive Urging Americans To Get Out And Enjoy Themselves To Boost Economy

President Donald Trump has been keeping an upbeat and positive approach to reopen the economy even with the coronavirus amongst The White House. He wants Americans to start working again, go out, and enjoy themselves to help bring our economy back to its glory.

A lot of Americans are weary however, even The White House medical staff. Some are saying this is a political stunt as he is labeling himself as a wartime president and the American's warriors. I surely do not think it is about politics. He's just like us all and over this virus and wants life to go back to normal as well as keep minimum wage workers alike from falling deeper into financial ruin.

According to Politico:

The president and the White House are looking for ways to boost economic growth by urging Americans to return to work, as well as considering tax cuts for the next relief package — bound to please Wall Street and goose the stock market, which Trump views as its own form of polling.

Many Republicans close to the White House privately believe the markets will rebound long before the employment numbers do. One Republican close to the administration said the White House is “in denial” about the true scale of the carnage to the jobs market, according to interviews with six senior administration officials and close White House advisers.

Publicly, White House officials are keeping up Trump’s optimistic message of a recovery in the last two quarters of the year, even if it seems unlikely that Americans will want to fully participate in large-scale events like concerts or sports games, or attend celebrations, dine out or even travel.

“We understand why the economy is slowing down. And we expect that we can reverse it,” senior adviser Kevin Hassett said on Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” “Whereas in the Depression, there were a lot of other things, a lot of policy errors and so on, that made the whole thing drag out.” Also on Sunday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin warned that the unemployment rate could go as high as 25 percent.

“If you look at the Congressional Budget Office they currently forecast that the second half of the year will be one of recovery. You know, God willing, that’s what’s going to happen. And I think that that’s the view that’s pretty much shared by the White House.”

Economists and Conservative political groups have urged Congress to do payroll tax cuts in the next congressional package and to relax social distancing guidelines. Most Americans that have suffered the worst financially have been those working min wage jobs as they were deemed nonessential or hours significantly reduced to social distance in the workplace.

I am all for the complete reopening of our country but still hesitant with a small child to bring him out and about to the grocery store for example. However, I will be thrilled when this is past us and we can become normal again.

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