Trump Mocks the Media for Freak-Out Over West Point Ramp and Glass of Water Incident

Trump mocks the media in the best way about how they freaked over how he drunk his glass of water and explained why he walked down the ramp the way he did after his West Point speech.

President Trump said not only was he wearing leather bottom shoes, but the ramp was also "like an ice skating rink" and had no handrails for him to keep his grip.

Then Trump addresses the media's claim that he was having trouble drinking a glass of water after explaining why he drunk the glass of water the way he did he showed the media by doing the perfect gulp of water and throws the glass of water off to the side.

I love how the media has to make stuff up about President Trump but won't say anything about how Joe Biden, don't even know where he is half the time.

According to RedState

The President of the United States routinely manages to be funnier than most late night comics. I’m not sure if that’s an indictment of the current comedic environment or whether Trump should just do a bar tour once he leaves office.

Yesterday, the Trump rally in Tulsa happened, much to the chagrin of the media, who’ve spent weeks losing their minds about it now. Of course, if you have tens of thousands of people in New York protesting, it’s “different” according to people like CNN’s Martha Raddatz. But don’t you dare let those Republicans gather for something they care about.

One of the things addressed at the rally was an idiotic news cycle in which networks and newspapers spent days obsessing over how Trump walked down a ramp and drank water with two hands during a speech.

Here’s CNN’s ridiculous story on it, entitled “Trump Defends Cautious Walk Down Ramp, Which Raised Questions About His Health.”

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