Trump Makes Strong Statement, Claims This Governor "Will Go Down as the Greatest Governor..."

When I ask who you think is our country's best governor, I believe most of you will give the same answer. Ron DeSantis is most certainly on our minds.

Kay Ivey and Kristi Noem, for example, are two excellent governors in our country. Do any of them deserve to be called the greatest governor in our country's history? Most likely not.

But there is someone who does deserve this designation the greatest governor in the history of our country, but it's not who you would expect. In fact, this person isn't even a governor.

During a recent fundraiser event, President Trump handed out this massive endorsement to Kari Lake. Kari Lake is running for governor in the state of Arizona. She is up against the corrupt Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs who the Arizona State Attorney General is seeking to prosecute for election fraud.

But believe it or not, according to recent polls, Lake is the only Republican who can beat Hobbs.

Lake even pledged to finish the border wall that President Trump started while he was in office. This would be a huge benefit to our nation if she really does fulfill that promise. Other governors are already working toward that end already buy building their own border walls and manning the border with National Guardsmen.

Like I've said a dozen times already, this next election is going to likely be the largest shift of power that we've seen in modern times. The Democrats have proven to Americans that they only want to destroy our country and ruin the prosperity that we had under President Trump and the best way to prevent that from taking place is through our votes in November during the midterms. If it's a fair election, then their time is up.

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