TRUMP Haters Attack Elderly Trump Supporters Wishing Death By Covid-19

Liberals can be absolutely disturbing with the words that come out of their mouths or through social media. Especially about President Trump.

Nowadays they are attacking Trump supporters in some heinous ways.

Sadly a mass of celebrities that feel to voice their opinions (mostly to convert followers into their beliefs) have come out of the woodwork with some horrendous shock talk.

Actor and comedian Patton Oswalt is active in many roles in Hollywood including his well-known role in Kings of Queens. He recently went on a tangent tweeting a vicious message on Twitter on how he imagines supporters of President Trump dying from the coronavirus.

Oswalt tweeted:

“MAGAt dying from COVID-19: “Why did the *cough* media treat Trump so *cough cough* unfairly…”

According to Breitbart:

Oswalt was responding to an unsubstantiated claim that President Trump has asked Attorney General William Barr to launch a Justice Department investigation into the media’s coverage of the coronavirus.

Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman recently cited an “anonymous source close to the White House” who alleges that President Trump “wants Justice to open investigations of the media for market manipulation.” But the Vanity Fair report never says that the president asked Barr to launch such an investigation, as Oswalt’s retweet claims.

Patton Oswalt said in December that every person who voted for and still supports President Trump is a “stupid asshole.”

“The President is a stupid asshole and if you voted for him you’re a stupid asshole and if you still support him you’re a stupid asshole,” the Hollywood star tweeted. “Oh no, this Tweet is going to make all the stupid assholes not like me waaaaah.”

I cant see how these people sleep at night with so much hatred towards people for their presidential choice. A HUGE crowd of elderly support Trump and they are absolutely susceptible to the virus being serious.

Not only that how would they react if Trump supporters said something so obscure?

They would absolutely flip a lid.

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