Trump Has Spoken to McCarthy About Secret Audio...Here's What Happened

The recently disclosed private recording from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has sparked a lot of debate. McCarthy told Liz Cheney and other House Republicans what his feelings were immediately after January 6, 2020, according to the leaked conversation.

On January 10, four days later, the call came. In the event that false articles of impeachment against President Trump were successful, it addressed what McCarthy thought he needed to do. Both the Republican and Democratic Parties were shaken by the released recording.

Democrats insisted that it proved a disconnected gap between the former president and his party. Republicans weren’t immediately voicing any opinions, apparently awaiting a response from President Trump. On Thursday night, that response came.

It certainly wasn’t what the liberal Democrats were hoping for. Most had signaled a clear indication that there was a fracture within the Republican Party. They felt this leaked information was Bonafide proof that McCarthy would be the next party member denounced by President Trump.

But it didn’t work out that way. Evidently, President Trump and Minority Leader McCarthy had a conversation about the audio. A report says President Trump is not upset with McCarthy and was “happy that McCarthy hadn’t followed through on what he had said privately.”

Why didn’t that pending conversation between President Trump and Kevin McCarthy happen? Why didn’t McCarthy follow through with what he suggested to Liz Cheney and others? Was Kevin McCarthy trying to placate the “never-Trump” radicals within the Republican Party?

Was he setting up Liz Cheney, one of two turncoat Republicans who agreed to sit on Nancy Pelosi’s sham January 6 commission? These same turncoat Republicans agreed to the articles of impeachment as well. Who were the other Republicans listening in on the call?

Who were they, and what might their agenda have been? An even more interesting question would be who leaked the audio in the first place. Obviously, there was a hope that this would explode in the mainstream media and cause problems for Republicans.

But it didn’t. The liberal Washington Post was the first to report on Thursday’s congenial talk between President Trump and McCarthy. This had to be a difficult story from the Jeff Bezos’-owned newspaper. The WaPo is not inclined to post anything positive about conservatives.

Whatever transpired during the complete conversation, President Trump’s forgiving of McCarthy falls in line with his past behavior. When the former president does “bury the hatchet,” as they say, it usually comes with an accompanying sense of adulation from the other individual.

As an example, President Trump agreed to endorse Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance even after Vance had harshly criticized him. It disputes another liberal talking point. The left insisted that when Joe Biden took over, the adults were now in the room.

Ever since Joe Biden stole the election, his administration has been everything but adult. They lie and point fingers at everyone else. Like a little child caught doing something wrong, these spoiled liberals either blame someone else or lie.

Adults confront problems like adults. That appears to be exactly what President Trump and Kevin McCarthy did. For now, the fences appear to have been repaired. Kevin McCarthy’s future importance to the Republican Party is safe, at least for the moment.

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