Trump Gives the Orders! Republicans Now Have No Choice but to Fight Like Democrats

The ability to adapt to change is crucial for survival, even for the smallest of creatures. This is also true in the context of U.S. elections, where adapting to changing rules may be necessary for the survival of one political party, particularly when the other party is accused of cheating.

The recent pandemic has led to the implementation of new election strategies by the progressive left, which has taken advantage of the trend towards convenience in American society. In the past, voting on Election Day was seen as a patriotic act, and absentee voting was introduced as a way for people who were unable to physically vote at their polling location on Election Day to still participate in elections.

The first instance of absentee voting occurred during the Civil War, when Union soldiers were given the opportunity to vote in home district elections.

Initially, the right to vote absentee was restricted to military personnel during active service. However, that’s all changed. Absentee voting has morphed into mail-in voting. The concept is similar but dangerously different.

The radically progressive state of Oregon has completely done away with physical polling locations. Oregon conducts nearly 100 percent of its elections by mail. The trend became increasingly widespread because of the pandemic.

Voting by mail is the new way to run elections. Despite being easily prone to fraud, virtually every state has some level of mail-in voting. Democrats thrive on mail-in voting. Liberals appear more prone to a more laissez-faire, “make it easy for me” approach. Republicans are improving.

Democrats are more likely to mail in their ballots early as well. Therefore, on Election Night, many Democrats jump out to early leads. Same-day voting usually favors Republicans. But former President Trump believes this trend cannot continue.

He believes that as long as Republicans allow Democrats to use mail-in voting to their advantage, including ballot harvesting, conservative candidates are at an immediate disadvantage. The former president, ahead of a run for the White House in 2024, says things must change.

President Trump says Republicans “have no choice.” He told Breitbart News that Republicans must engage and fight Democrats on mail voting and ballot harvesting. He stressed that until the rules are changed, Republicans must fight like the Democrats fight.

The former president insists that the GOP has “no choice” but to “live with the system that stinks.” Republicans must adapt to the playing rules until they can get back into power and make changes. It’s a clear case of adapt to the current rules or lose.

President Trump still believes that sweeping election reforms are needed. He thinks that nationwide election protocols should include mostly same-day voting, paper ballots, and rigid requirements for identification.

He still thinks, like most experts, that mail-in voting is “a corrupt system.” However, the rules cannot be changed until Republicans regain control. If they do not adapt to the current conditions, this will never happen. Republicans must fight the fight on the Democrats’ terms.

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