Trump Former Campaign Chairman Released From Prison Amid COVID-19, Sent Home To Serve 7 1/2yrs

Paul Manafort, former Trump campaign chairman, has been released early from Federal Prison to serve the rest of his 7 1/2 years in home confinement because of the scare of coronavirus. The coronavirus has swept into Prisons and Jails infecting inmates and guards.

He was released from Federal Prison located in Loretto, Pennsylvania.

According to CNBC:

Manafort, 71, had been sentenced in 2019 to charges brought as part of former special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of Russian election meddling, potential Kremlin coordination with the Trump campaign and possible obstruction of justice by President Donald Trump himself.

Lawyers for Manafort did not immediately respond to CNBC’s requests for comment. The Bureau of Prisons did not immediately confirm that Manafort had been released from FCI Loretto.

Manafort was slated to be released from prison in November 2024, according to the Bureau of Prisons website.

But the coronavirus pandemic has swept through America’s prisons, infecting hundreds of inmates and guards and prompting many inmates to ask for early release out of concern for their safety.

Other high-profile inmates have asked to be released to home confinement. Trump’s former personal lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen, 53, had reportedly been told he would be released from a federal prison camp in upstate New York. But that promise to Cohen was rescinded in early May, people familiar with the situation told CNBC.

The reversal came shortly after a Trump Organization lawyer issued Cohen, a former Trump ally turned critic, a warning not to publish a reported “tell-all” book ahead of the 2020 election. The White House said that it had “absolutely not” interfered in the decision to delay Cohen’s planned early release.

Lanny Davis, a spokesman and lawyer for Cohen, said in a tweet that he hoped Cohen would receive the treatment as Manafort.


Bureau of Prisons has tested inmates and staff in Cohen's prison in Otisville, New York. A dozen of them tested positive for COVID-19.

The Bureau of Prisons, however, did not find any positive inmates or guards in the prison in Loretto, Pennsylvania where Manafort was serving. A lucky dog he is and boy does he look happy to be going home even if he cant leave.

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