Trump Campaign Lawyer Sidney Powell Reads Whistleblower Statement Live On Air

One of the attorneys on Donald Trump's legal team contesting the election results, Sidney Powell, appeared on Lou Dobbs tonight and read statements from the Smartmatic whistleblower live on the air. "I'm going to release the Kraken," Powell declared defiantly while saying she would expose the deck was stacked against Trump in the election.

During the interview with Dobbs, Powell continued to talk about the use of Dominion Voting Systems machines used in closely contested states--the same voting machines that were reportedly used to allow Hugo Chavez to rig elections in Venezuela. And according to the claims, been used around the world to fix other elections.

This is just the first step to reveal this massive-scale voter fraud, and Sidney, Ruddy, and Lin Wood have promised there will be more to come.

According to

In an interview with Lou Dobbs on Fox Business, Sidney Powell, lawyer for the Trump campaign, broke down suspicions and allegations of illegalities with regard to Smartmatic voting software, sourcing affidavit statements from a Smartmatic whistleblower.

"Documents show that Dominion Voting Systems submitted a bid to the city of Philadelphia in 2018 to be considered as their contractor for voting machines," Dobbs prefaced the segment.

"Those same documents reveal very little about the company's foreign connections. When asked by the city to list any foreign ownership or investors in either the parent company and/or its subsidiaries, Dominion had something to say but nothing to show."

Then Dobbs displayed an entirely redacted section on the paperwork in question; Dominion was ultimately denied the contract. Dominion is based in Toronto, Ont.

Powell cited "stunning evidence" from a first-hand witness, a high-ranking military officer who was present when when Smartmatic was designed. She went on to read the statements from the affidavit.

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