Truly Bizarre! Man No Longer Able to Communicate with His "Wife" After Software Issue

What has our world come to? There are a multitude of terrible marriages taking place right now, especially in the United States, but we're not the only ones doing this apparently.

So, let's take a trip to Japan together, and we'll discuss Akihiko Kondo, who has lost the ability to interact with his wife because of a software problem. Considering they've been married for four years, this is a pretty tragic circumstance, don't you think?

But, hold on a second. "Ficosexual" is a term used to describe Akihiko Konda, a Japanese guy who is drawn to fictional characters. As a matter of fact, it was a fictional persona, a hologram in fact, that he had married.

The Daily Wire reported,

A “fictosexual” man can no longer communicate with his “wife” of four years. Akihiko Kondo, a 38-year-old Japanese man, wed a holographic image of the blue-haired anime character Hatsune Miku in 2018. The character is described as 16 years old, the New York Post reported.

Kondo fell in love with the character in 2008 after he became ostracized from his peers following intense bullying at work. Technology made it possible for the anime fan to interact with her beginning in 2017 thanks to a Gatebox machine. This $1,300 device allows users to interact with characters using holograms. This was also how Kondo was able to “marry” the object of his affection.

So the reason that they can no longer communicate is because the software support has been eliminated, therefore, she is effectively dead.

I don't even know what to say about this. How have we fallen this far as the human race? I feel bad for this guy in that he felt like he needed to be in love with a fictional hologram instead of a real human being. It must really be a lonely existence for him. I hope that he just comes to his senses and finds a real woman instead of a fake one.

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