Troy Aikman Wakes Up the ‘Woke’ with NFL Dresses Comment

Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman said something about women in the NFL that got people talking.

When the NFL was debating quarterback safety guidelines, Aikman suggested that they should "take the dresses off," which sparked an uproar online. Aikman had to quickly respond to the controversy.

When there was a controversial referee call during the Monday Night Football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Las Vegas Raiders, Aikman made the off-the-cuff statement.

“My hope is the competition committee looks at this during the set of meetings and, you know, we take the dresses off,” said Aikman.

Numerous social media critics immediately blasted the former quarterback-turned-announcer, accusing him of being sexist and misogynistic. Aikman had to respond with a statement expressing his apology after the video of the statement went viral on social media.

According to WOKV-TV, he claimed that his remarks on 96.7 the Ticket were stupid and that he shouldn't have made them.

“Just dumb remarks on my part,” he added.

He addressed the real controversy surrounding the play involving defensive tackle Chris Jones after giving a succinct reply. He received a penalty for knocking quarterback Derek Carr to the ground and snatching the football from his grasp.

“I do think we’re, as I said, I think we’re over-officiating it. But these are the rules,” Aikman said. “I mean, as the rule reads and if you watch that in real time, it would be hard to look at that play with Chris Jones in our game and not feel like he landed on the quarterback with his body weight, you know?”

The referee's decision resulted in a big win for the Raiders, who were able to keep the ball from going to the Chiefs. Before the half, they added a field goal. The Raiders were defeated by the Chiefs by a score of 29 to 30 notwithstanding the call.

Many came to Aikman's defense as well:

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