Traitor Liz Cheney Turns on the Republican Party Yet Again!

Liz Cheney continues to prove that she is one of the most divisive, back-stabbing politicians on Capitol Hill. She is conspiring with Democrats on Nancy Pelosi’s sham January 6 commission. Cheney supports bogus, liberal-triggered attempts to smear President Trump.

Liz Cheney is a traitor to the Republican Party. Her own Wyoming Republican Party has booted her from its ranks. She is a disgrace. However, that hasn’t stopped her from continuing her assault against all Republicans.

Cheney used the tragic Buffalo shooting to launch another attack on her supposed colleagues. She blasted GOP leadership for something they had nothing to do with. Cheney used a long-winded tweet to spew her incoherent accusations.

Cheney tweeted, “The House GOP leadership has enabled white nationalism, white supremacy, and anti-Semitism. History has taught us that what begins with words ends in far worse. GOP leaders must renounce and reject these views and those who hold them.”

Nothing that happened in Buffalo, as tragic as it was, had anything to do with the Republican Party, nothing. The Buffalo mass shooter was a mentally ill, leftist white supremacist. In Payton Gendron’s personal manifesto, he described himself as a “leftist”.

He is not a conservative and does not adhere to any conservative values. Payton Gendron is an insane radical who should have long ago been locked away in a mental institution. The red flags of his emotional instability were obvious.

Gendron believed in a “hybrid of Nazism”. The 18-year-old also showed a passion for various aspects of the radical liberal ideology, such as the Green New Deal. Gendron referred to himself as a left-wing “green nationalist.” He was not a conservative, not even close.

But you won’t hear anyone within the mainstream media talking about these facts. But to have Liz Cheney spout off such a derogatory comparison is unconscionable. She is so insanely jealous of President Trump that she has turned on her own political party.

Thankfully, the Wyoming GOP saw through her charade, and her days in Washington, D.C. may be numbered. There have also been incomprehensible accusations made against FOX News’ popular Primetime anchor, Tucker Carlson.

Radical progressives are touting divisive rhetoric that accuses Carlson and other conservatives of promoting some sort of “great replacement theory”. They are not doing anything even close to what the radicals are saying.

Replacement theory, as Democrats would like us to believe, is a racist ideology based on white supremacy. But this is a lie. What Tucker Carlson and others have been sounding an alarm over is nothing even close to what the liberals claim.

Carlson, and likewise millions of conservative Americans, are distressed over the Democrats’ clear agenda to alter the demographic make-up of the United States. They are accomplishing their crooked aims by flooding the nation with illegal migrants.

The hope is that if they give these people who are illegally in our nation enough “free stuff”, they’ll align their allegiance with the Democrat Party. Democrats are trying to stuff our nation with illegal votes for their party. They eye the notion of never losing another election.

This is the scheme Carlson and others are calling them out for. There is nothing racist about Carlson’s viewpoint. Conservatives are watching as these radical liberals destroy our nation. This is why illegal migrants are encouraged to overrun the southern border. It’s part of the plan.

The goal is to monopolize all future elections, essentially turning America into a single-party, Marxist-style country. Democrats are using the Chinese Communist Party model. Have you ever wondered why so many liberals are unnaturally cozy towards an oppressive dictatorship?

Those who are fighting to stop this purposeful transformation of America do not care what color the skin of these illegal migrants is. Likewise, they’re not concerned with where they’re from. Those who support the sovereignty of the United States support “legal immigration”.

Democrats know exactly what they’re doing. They are fully aware that their plan is an assault on American democracy. Like everything else they don’t like, they are trying to turn it into some kind of racist attack by conservatives. It is not.

Mollie Hemingway put it succinctly. She tweeted, “This leftist weaponization of racial division for political power against the multi-racial working class GOP is vile and disgusting, even if it were not being uttered to, among others, a man who survived an assassination attempt.”

Hemingway said Cheney’s ludicrous comments were “abhorrent and utterly disqualifying.” But this is what the radicalized far-left in the Democrat Party does. They weaponize racism at every opportunity. Replacement theory isn’t real. It’s a made-up lie. However, anti-Marxism does exist!

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