Tornadoes Rip Through Georgia Causing Extensive Damage And Fatalities Easter

Easter night was a deadly night for several families in Georgia, particularly North Georgia.

Over 40 tornado warnings were issued across the state. However, Murray County was hit the hardest. An apartment complex and a mobile home park were the centers of two brutal tornadoes.

According to Fox 5:

Gov. Brian Kemp signed a new executive order on Monday morning declaring a statewide "State of Emergency for Storm Damage" after deadly storms and tornadoes hit Georgia overnight.

The order, signed at 8:30 a.m., creates a "coexisting state of emergency" with the existing "Public Health State of Emergency" that was already in place because of the coronavirus pandemic.

We are praying for those who lost loved ones overnight and the families dealing with severe storm damage. In coordination with private-sector partners, multiple state agencies - including the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency, Department of Public Safety, Department of Natural Resources, Department of Transportation, and Georgia Forestry Commission - are working hard to restore power, clear debris, and provide necessary assistance to families across the state," Kemp said in a statement. "This morning, I also spoke with FEMA Administrator Pete Gaynor, and I greatly appreciate his offer of federal assistance as we work to rebuild and recover from these storms."

The governor's action follows what was a deadly night across the state.  At least seven people have been killed and nearly 50 injured, the governor said Monday afternoon.

"Due to extensive damage, Georgia's network of roads and bridges may be impassible, isolating residences and persons from access to essential public services; and assistance from the State is necessary to provide for the public's safety, protect private property, and restore the social and economic welfare of the affected counties," the order reads.  

Mississippi, Arkansas, and South Carolina also suffered fatalities and extensive damage by the same storm.

What an ordeal to have to go through amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

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