TOP Election Lawyer Drops BOMBSHELL On MSNBC Host Live On National Television… Liberals FURIOUS [Vid]

The nation has been rife with cases of election fraud for several years now.

Electoral cheating has likely existed since the next election after the very first ever in our great country, but since Hillary Rodham Clinton was the Democrat presidential nominee, people have said to prepare for the most deceptive, corrupt and dishonest if not outright criminal election procedure in the history of the nation.

Eighty percent of Republicans, and 77 percent of nonwhite voters, are down requiring photo identification to be able to cast a ballot, according to the latest Gallup poll, but Democrats relentlessly castigate Republicans for only suggesting that Americans need to show a photo ID to vote.

Painting all minorities so bad, inept, and disadvantaged that they can't even secure a"free" State ID, they assert voter ID law is an evil racist Democrat scheme to disenfranchise black voters. Hillary herself said that requiring voters to show the identical ID they have to pick up prescriptions, board a flight, drive, use for social safety net programs, buy alcohol or cigarettes, open a bank account, or reserve at hotel room to vote is a"burst in the Jim Crow past."

Braden also called her out for citing data from liberal"advocacy group" that she labeled"nonpartisan."

Kyle Drennen at Newsbusters reports:

Hall began the discussion by touting that slanted source: “We’ve cited this before, but I’ll remind people. According to a study by the nonpartisan Brennan Center – this is in 2007 – and they were discussing how extraordinarily rare voter fraud would be.” She added: “And looking at some of the numbers from different organizations, as well. Arizona State, for example, they found in 2012, just 2,000 cases of election fraud nationwide in the year 2000. So the numbers are minuscule.”

While Braden acknowledged that “our election system actually works quite well,” he immediately corrected her “nonpartisan” claim:

I wouldn’t call Brennan Center nonpartisan, I think they’re pretty much an advocacy group. But the notion that vote fraud doesn’t exist, is, of course, lunacy. People steal cars, people steal money, why anybody would think you wouldn’t steal votes is a mystery to me. Vote fraud is rare but it absolutely occurs, and sometimes occurs on a massive basis.

In fact, the Brennan Center’s so-called “Democracy Agenda,” spelled out on its website, is a left-wing wish list of supposed electoral “reforms,” among them: Overturning the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, establishing public financing of campaigns, and restoring voting rights to convicted felons.

Braden related a case of “massive” voter fraud from his own experience, recalling the 1982 Illinois gubernatorial race:

I did a recount in Illinois of the governor’s race. I went to the Chicago Board of Elections, where they explained to me that vote fraud was a Republican illusion. And a Chicago Times reporter explained the same thing to me. But when we got done with the recount, the grand jury report showed that 10% of the Chicago vote was made up on election night. That’s 110,000 votes. So the notion that vote fraud doesn’t happen is a joke. It does happen.

Hall condescendingly replied: “Well, I mean, listen, I think we all agree pretty much anything you can think of outside of a unicorn walking in the studio does happen. But does it have a significant impact that so should taint how we see our process?”

An investigation by CBS News' Los Angeles-based affiliate, KCAL-9, has determined that "hundreds" of dead individuals are still voting in California.

More than 400 cases of voter fraud in all 50 states have led to criminal convictions in recent years according to a database compiled by The Heritage Foundation.

A current voter fraud investigation by Fox News' Eric Shawn demonstrates that Barrack Obama absolutely wouldn't have won the 2008 election without the support of election fraud in 2008. Shawn's analysis found that Democratic operatives were convicted in April of 2013 for hammering anywhere from 100-200 election request forms that qualified Barrack Obama to enter the 2008 primaries.

In the Federal Election Commission to the FBI and the Justice Department itself, the Clintons and the Democrats understand that law-breaking and blatant efforts to steal the election is only going to result in an"investigation." In modern-day Authority's terminology, "investigation" is merely a euphemism for"we mean to do nothing."

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