Top Democrat Makes Fool of Himself During Biden's SOTU Speech

I love it when Democrats make fools of themselves. It happens all the time, but they normally just try and sweep it under the rug and the rest of the brainwashed liberals just lift up the rug for them so they can keep sweeping.

It really does just blow my mind how they stick together no matter what. There is no standard for Democrats by Democrats. They only care about what the opposition is doing wrong, even if it's right.

Many of you probably watched the State of the Union address on Tuesday night. While it was a disaster of a speech and riddled with lies, it was better than I expected him to do. They must have given him some of the the good stuff to keep him going for an hour and a half.

In one cringeworthy moment, Biden mentioned the Iranians that are being attacked by Russia right now, but didn't even catch himself saying it. Kamala Harris sure caught it and you could see her mouthing something after he said that. It looked like she may have said, "Ukrainians".

Other times, Biden's word salad just didn't make any sense whatsoever.

But perhaps one of the best moments came from Chuck Schumer who was watching on. Old Man Schumer who must not have been paying attention to the actual speech stood up at the wrong time to start clapping.

Biden was talking about the continued impact of the pandemic on the average family’s finances — and the number of American families who were still living paycheck to paycheck even after so many had been able to return to their places of work.

But just before he touted his own C-V-D-relief legislation — the American Rescue Plan, which passed in the early months of his presidency — he took a moment to slam the tax cuts passed by former President Donald Trump. Schumer appeared to misjudge the timing, jumping to his feet while the audience was still booing Trump’s tax cuts. He quickly sat down again, only to jump back to his feet when Biden arrived at the applause line.

It was an amusing moment in an otherwise terrible speech.

Daily Wire

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