Tone Deaf Obama Slammed for 'One of the Worst Tweets in History' Following School Shooting

President Barack Obama makes a statement on the situations in Iraq and Ferguson, Missouri, from Edgartown, Massachusetts, August 14, 2014. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

The tragedy in Texas is one that will be remembered for a long time. It's the most recent example of a long-running problem in our country.

When I was a kid, the only school shooting I was aware of was Columbine, which occurred when I was in middle school if I recall correctly. Before that, I had never heard of a school shooting.

Since then, we have had a number of others. Since then, we've had several others. Not quite the 200 or so that the liberal media wants to classify as a school shooting, but still too many. Regardless of the number, the fact that they are increasing is undeniable.

Now is a time that we should mourn and grieve with those who are grieving. The spotlight is on them at the moment, not that they want it or anything, but they deserve our prayers and attention right now.

Barack Obama, however, thinks differently and instead of taking time to grieve with these families right now, he decided to shift the attention to George Floyd who died two years ago.

“As we grieve the children of Uvalde today, we should take time to recognize that two years have passed since the murder of George Floyd under the knee of a police officer,” Obama tweeted. “His killing stays with us all to this day, especially those who loved him.”

People came out of the woodworks to slam Obama for this tasteless tweet:

  • Ben Shapiro, The Daily Wire: “What in the world does the former have to do with the latter?”
  • Jason Whitlock, The Blaze: “Let’s stand George Floyd on the dead bodies of slaughtered children. This is one of the worst tweets in history.”
  • Harry Khachatrian, The Washington Examiner: “Innocent children gunned down in an elementary school is absolutely not comparable to a criminal being wrongly killed by police mid-arrest.”
  • Kira Davis, political commentator: “Not a single grieving parent today gives a rip about what happened to Floyd or anyone right now. For crying out loud. This is not the time to be advertising for your favorite activist group. How utterly vile.”
  • Harrison Fields, communications director for Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL): “Despicable. Floyd had his moment, literally a summer of protest and anarchy devoted to his memory. The evil man that murdered him will spend the rest of his life in jail. Now is the time to remember the 22 innocent souls that were senselessly massacred in TX. When they go low?”
  • Gad Saad, professor: “Children, shmildren. Sure those kids died but let’s honor Floyd, a BLM icon. You are my president forever and I’m Canadian. Your ability to say nothing in such an articulate manner is inspiring. Thank you.”
  • Mike Cernovich, political commentator: “George Floyd robbed a pregnant woman at gun point. It’s not the same, you divisive psychopath.”
  • Christian Ziegler, Florida Republican Vice Chairman: “Quickest, weirdest and most insensitive Tweet Pivot I have seen. Obama turned the page on the children of Uvalde and moved the attention to George Floyd in less then 280 characters. I mean… couldn’t he have separated the two into 2 Tweets and waited 2 mins between both posts?”
  • Rebeccah Heinrichs, Hudson Institute: “Not his best. We’ve got a Mad Libs vibe on this one.”
  • Joel Pollak, Breitbart: “Why contrast these two events? Mark the memory of George Floyd without making it look like you resent the attention being paid to innocent children or heroic police. Tone deaf at best.”
  • Emmanuel Rincon, El American: “The families of more than 20 people (mostly children) killed yesterday do not deserve this disrespect. It would be good to respect their pain and not use this moment to stir up more hatred.”

But probably the best tweet I've seen in response to what he said, was this one from Seth Dillon:

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