Thugs Dressed in Neon Green Bodysuits Terrorize Teenage Girls on NYC Subway (VIDEO)

The level of crime in the US is out of control. A record-breaking increase in violent crimes is being experienced in the majority of Democratic-run U.S. cities. One of the worst is liberal-run waste dump New York City. In NYC, violent crime has increased by 36%.

Residents in NYC are scared to even walk the streets. Even in broad daylight, thieves and criminals are willing to strike. Midday is when beatings and robberies are typically reported to occur. Criminals now feel more empowered than ever thanks to the policies enacted by the Democrats.

Countless crimes go unpunished. Violent criminals are now allowed to leave jail in a matter of hours thanks to the reform of cashless bail. Simply put, there are no repercussions for criminal action. The thieves don't even give a damn whether a subway car full of onlookers witnesses them committing a crime.

This group of vicious female criminals made an effort to keep their identities a hidden during a recent attack.  These women will be arrested once police investigators examine the surveillance footage. They thought it was funny to attack two teens on the train while dressed as neon green bodysuits.

While the thugs kicked and punched one teenager, the others robbed them. This most recent incident comes on the heels of a father being shot while visiting his son at college. Anyone who denies that violent crime is out of control is living in an “alternative reality.”

Although it didn’t happen in broad daylight, the subway attack occurred in a fully lighted subway car. Others were sitting in close proximity to the assault. No one did anything. There were a total of six women disguised in neon bodysuits.

The mother of one victim spoke to The New York Post. The distraught mother said what happened to her teenager was “absolutely disgusting.” Although she wished to remain anonymous, probably for her own safety, the mother insists that “Animals belong behind bars.”

Like millions of Americans, this woman thinks these criminals should be prosecuted and thrown in jail to be held up as an example of the consequences. The suspects stole the victims’ wallets, credit cards, and cell phones.

As of early Tuesday morning, the NYPD hadn’t announced any leads or made any arrests. But what’s going to happen when these thugs are arrested? In New York City, they could be walking free within hours. Until crooks and thugs are held accountable, the violence will continue.

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