Three Videos Proving Election Results Were Tampered With

Joe Biden and the Democratic Party conned the American people in 2020. They manipulated information and discussions about the two candidates, Joe Biden and President Trump, using big tech and the dishonest mainstream media.

Wealthy Democrat elitists invested millions of dollars in key voting precincts to hire manipulative liberals for labor posts. The 2020 U.S. presidential election's entire electoral process was tainted. In the end, Joe Biden legitimately lost, but because of the tainted results, we're stuck with him.

President Trump warned that the Democrats would cheat, and when they did, he pointed it out. However, as time passed, President Trump’s insistence that the election was stolen became purposefully diluted thanks to the media.

There was a complete lack of transparency by the mainstream media. They refused to share proof, video, and other evidence that exposed widespread election fraud. But then, when angry Americans protested at the U.S. Capitol, liberals had a way to divert the country’s attention.

They have used the chaos that ensued on January 6, 2021, to twist the truth back against President Trump and the millions of Americans who voted for him. They made up a phony “insurrection” narrative to cover up their own crimes.

But the cheating Democrats probably did not perceive how vigilant patriotic conservatives would be. A host of investigations continues to expose more and more election fraud. There is enough documented fraud in key swing states to flip the election.

Many believe it’s too late to do anything about it. But is it? If someone is exposed for cheating in a federal election, shouldn’t they be prosecuted? Only time will tell if that ever happens. But that does not negate the fact that troves of evidence have been revealed.

A lot of the ballot box stuffing schemes Democrats used can be viewed in Dinah D’Souza’s new documentary, 2000 Mules. 2000 Mules uses hours of video surveillance to prove how “thousands of illegal ballots” were dumped at various drop box locations.

When reviewing the massive amount of evidence proving fraud, it’s clear that Joe Biden did not win. It’s a mathematical impossibility that he received as many votes as Democrats claim. He cheated. First, there are videos showing election reporting fraud in Pennsylvania.

Two counties, Philadelphia County and Chester County, were critical to Joe Biden’s winning Pennsylvania. Two Edison reports were given to the media on election night and in the days afterward. They contain explicit videos documenting these weird election anomalies.

You would assume that when the votes were cast, they would be counted, and the candidate with the most votes would be declared the winner.

But in this election, that was not the case.

Data was received, categorized as "in person" or "mail-in," revised, and reclassified repeatedly.

Voter integrity investigator and data expert Jeff O’Donnell prepared another video for Edison Research. This second video was from Georgia’s Fulton County. All someone needs to do is watch the first and second videos from these three counties.

Two were in Pennsylvania and a third in Georgia, both key swing states. The videos confirm that the election results of 2020 were manipulated.

He is an illegitimate president. But what can be done about it now? Step one will be to elect as many Republican candidates to Congress this coming November as possible.

Step two will be to vigilantly hold them accountable to investigate the worst election crimes in U.S. history.

Step three: once the crooks are fully exposed, force the Department of Justice to prosecute these people for election fraud. It must be done. We cannot allow this crime to go unpunished. The integrity of American elections is at stake. The future of our democracy depends on it.

Take a look at the videos below:

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