North Korea's Latest Propaganda Film Is Hilariously Pitiful

North Korea has demonstrated a new ballistic missile system and a propaganda movie touting it.

In what appears to be a scene from a 1980s action film, North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un appears with several of his generals in what may be the best piece of cinematography I've ever seen. The accidental hilarity is unbelievable.

Remember how CNN's Jim Scuitto (a former Obama official) announced the North Korean dictator dead a few years ago? This guy is out here staring at his watch in a leather jacket–before pulling off a pair of gas station sunglasses–in the midst of dramatic music and film edits. Following that, the footage cuts to a blinking light with a loud alert, followed by screaming troops chanting "launch!" The missile then takes off from a variety of angles.

But the good times don't stop there. The music abruptly changes after the launch to something more joyous. Before turning to scenes of soldiers hugging and crying, we see Kim Jung Un and his generals fist-pumping. Finally, a still photo of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un dressed as Neo from "The Matrix" adorns the screen to bring the show to a close.

This is truly some amazing stuff. Check it out:

Our enemies, on the other hand, are clearly emboldened. For all the outrage about President Trump occasionally complimenting Kim Jung Un, the latter wasn't firing new ballistic missiles or releasing propaganda videos that looked like they were inspired by "Top Gun." Its almost as though foreign policy isn't as straightforward as reading tough words from a teleprompter and refraining from insulting people on social media. Who'd have thought it?

All of this isn't a fluke. Joe Biden's flaws are obvious, and his continual gaffes on the international stage have made the US a laughingstock for tyrants all over the world. Foreign opponents of the United States have noticed breaches in the wall and have chosen to begin chipping away at it. That is not something I say cheerfully. That's because it didn't have to be like this. Chaos was not a given. That is, unfortunately, what we have received. We can only hope that things do not deteriorate further and that North Korea's hostility remains contained within the bounds of shoddy propaganda videos.

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