This New Conspiracy Theory About the First Lady is Guaranteed to make you laugh

#FakeMelania seems to be a conspiracy theory going around the web that the first lady Melania Trump was replaced or has a body double to go places for her.

The First Lady was cheerfully tagging along with the President on his way to the debate this past week ... or so it seems, because an awful lot of people don't think it was actually her. Here are some photos from a year ago and some new ones from the debate.

I don't know about you, but im not convinced. All I see in those photos is her smiling little and it getting bigger and bigger causing her rinkels to show.

Also this is not the first time #FakeMelania theory has made its way around. The first time was when Trump and Melania visited tornado-stricken Alabama to survey the damage. She was rocking massive shades then too but many said there's no way that was Melania speculating she's got a few different body doubles.

According to DailyMail

Rumors about Melania Trump using a body double have been reignited by an odd new photo that sent Twitter into a frenzy.

The conspiracy theory that Melania has a lookalike stand in for her at public events has been circulated on social media for years, resurfacing whenever proponents spot a slight change in her appearance.

The latest round of speculation was fueled by a photo of Melania and her husband Donald Trump boarding Marine One on Thursday on their way to the final presidential debate.

Melania is seen wearing large sunglasses and a broad smile that some Twitter users believe did not match her usual subtle grin.

The theory doesn't hold up when compared to other photos of Melania taken minutes earlier, which clearly show its her and not an impostor.

But Twitter users seized on the theory anyway as #FakeMelania began trending.

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