Things Get Sticky at an NBA Game When a Fan Tries to Glue Herself to the Court to Save the Chickens

It's actually rather honorable to demonstrate in support of causes or ideals that we believe in. It's ingrained in the American culture. Protests and public statements are frequently used to initiate change. The demonstrators, on the other hand, appear to lose their hold on reality at times.

Animal rights advocates are among the most passionate, as well as the strangest. Again, defending someone's specific animal rights should not be a problem. Some people organize marches and demonstrations to protest the harsh treatment of certain animals.

Recently, one particular feathered barnyard fowl has sparked a lot of interest. To some, chicken emotional stability is a strangely significant cause, especially when it comes to how they're prepared for the dinner table. Again, rolling your eyes is just as acceptable as protesting for chicken rights.

But it appears that one chicken advocate tried to make her point “stick” more than she should have. The bird-brain antics happened at a recent NBA basketball game. The Minnesota Timberwolves were playing the Los Angeles Clippers.

Now, neither the Timberwolves nor the Clippers seem to be very representative of a cause for chickens. But Alicia Santurio chose Minnesota’s home court, the Target Center, to target what she believed to be “evil chicken killers.”

Santurio, an animal activist from the group Direct Action Anywhere, took action. She wore a shirt bearing the message, “Glen Taylor Roasts Animals Alive.” Okay, we’re game. But wearing a t-shirt announcing the Timberwolves’ majority owner as a “big bad bird roaster” wasn’t enough.

That’s where the story gets kind of sticky. Evidently, Santurio waltzed onto the court with a hefty supply of Elmer’s Glitter Glue. Her aim was to permanently stick herself to the court. Don’t laugh. We’re not kidding.

It appears that somehow Ms. Santurio thought that by adhering herself to a basketball court with glitter glue, she was going to save a host of chickens from being oven roasted before their time. Evidently, Ms. Santurio put up a pretty good fight.

Her supply of glitter glue left a mess for courtside personnel to clean up. But her bizarre endeavor left fans aghast. For her sticky efforts, Ms. Santurio gained instant social media fame. While it certainly wasn’t meant to be flattering, she was dubbed “Glue Girl.”

Apparently, she replied by explaining her reason for trying to glue herself to the Target Center basketball court. “I superglued down to the basketball court to bring attention to the mass killing of chickens at Glen Taylor’s factory farm using ventilation shutdown, otherwise known as VSD.”

Ms. Santurio signed her post with the hashtag “Gluegirl.” She obviously felt a pronounced sense of pride in her new-found nickname, as unflattering as it was really intended to be. But should we be surprised? This is a person who clearly feels very strongly about chicken killing factories.

That’s cool. It’s her constitutional right to protest for the chickens, even if others think her efforts are just for the birds. In all honesty, VSD is a somewhat terrifying process for killing chickens. It’s supposedly like roasting in a hot car with all the windows rolled up.

Understandably, it’s a “sticky situation” for ardent animal activists. We suppose someone should explore a more humane way of offing these creatures. Well, at least Gluegirl didn’t try to release a brood of chickens into the Target Center. That would have really caused the “chicken sh** to hit the fan!”

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