Things Get Awkward When Jake Tapper Asks Jamie Raskin for Confirmation of Hutchinson's Story

You should cover all your bases if you're going to try to convince the American people of a major lie. The credibility of your little charade collapses as soon as the "allegedly true testimony" starts to fall apart. Your small "made-for-TV" drama starts to come off as a fraud more and more.

The January 6th commission is nothing more than a farce. However, it is a serious assault on American democracy in addition to being a futile attempt to fabricate a false political narrative. The same committee is "supposed to be" looking into a "attack on our democracy."

An ulterior motive is at play in this "Nancy Pelosi-created sham commission." They are primarily concerned with discrediting anyone who opposes the Biden regime. This is specifically for people who have yet to accept the legitimacy of his election victory, even though it was not legitimate.

In addition to that, though, this is how we can be certain that the Democrats cheated in order for Joe Biden to win. By observing how vehemently the liberal left hunts anyone who challenges the conclusion of the 2020 election, we can determine the validity of that claim.

Questioning such things is an inherent constitutional right for Americans. But that’s no longer true under the Joe Biden regime. It’s now illegal to question those in power. Joe Biden got more votes than any presidential candidate in history.

He did this by campaigning essentially from his basement. Now, shut up and don’t you dare question the mounds of evidence that proves what really happened during the election. If you say the word “fraud” in connection with Joe Biden, you stand a good chance of being arrested.

If you’re not arrested, you’ll be harassed and dogged by Biden’s corrupted federal law enforcement team. Joe Biden and the corrupt liberal left of the Democrat Party have criminalized American politics.

There is no longer any room for democratic discourse. Americans can no longer debate differing political views. If you don’t agree with the ideology of the Joe Biden administration, he will weaponize the federal law enforcement agencies and the Department of Justice against you.

You can rest assured it’s happening, and at an increasingly alarming rate. Most of the persecutions are stemming from the January 6 commission, a commission that really isn’t a Bonafide commission at all.

How would a legal trial look if there was no one, or no evidence presented from the other side? It would be a slam dunk victory for the only viewpoints presented to the court, right? That’s the January 6 commission in a nutshell.

No contradictory statements, no contradictory evidence, no contradictions, period. Shut up and listen to what we have to say. Well, that works fine until someone decides to finally say something publicly. It’s happening.

The commission interviewed Cassidy Hutchinson. She warbled like the little liberal songbird she is. However, it seems that a chunk, if not all of her story, isn’t true. No one would have ever known if Secret Service agent Tony Ornato had not spoken up.

Hutchinson claims to have firsthand knowledge of President Trump yanking the wheel of his presidential transport, “The Beast”. This clearly sounds like an attempt to push a narrative that President Trump had somehow lost control of his faculties. He had not.

So, as soon as Ornato shot a huge gaping hole in Hutchinson’s fabricated story, the commission was scrambling to tape things back together. Another agent, Bobby Engel, apparently has been yanked from testifying.

Oh, how comical it is to watch a web woven of lies begin to unravel. When CNN’s Jake Tapper tried to get a response to this critical failure in the committee’s research from Representative Jamie Raskin, it became even more comical.

Raskin, an ardent Pelosi do-boy from Maryland, fumbled all over himself. In a nutshell, he couldn’t produce a viable syllable that supported anything the commission was trying to prove using Hutchinson’s testimony. It’s turning out to be a big fat egg.

Other agents, like Ornato, have actually offered to give testimony disputing what Hutchinson is saying. The Secret Service says the committee hasn’t contacted anyone to collaborate on Hutchinson’s account. Liberal talking heads say the testimony of these agents isn’t necessary.

However, that’s not true; the committee must hear testimony from these agents. Each has said they are willing to provide their account of the disputed story. So, why isn’t the January 6 committee interested in hearing from them?

Our hunch is that they already have. They know exactly what the truth is, but it contradicts their agenda. Things are slowly catching up to this sham commission. Americans aren’t interested in a one-sided witch hunt.

The January 6 commission is a political hit job on President Trump. But rest assured that it won’t be the last of these liberal persecutions of conservative voices. Joe Biden has criminalized politics in America. We’d better take notice before we’re all on Joe Biden’s government hit list.

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